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Join me for 10 minutes (or less!) of abs everyday for 25 days. The purpose of this isn't to "get abs!" or "burn off" food, but to celebrate moving your body, to provide you with great ab circuits, and to teach you proper core engagement. 

Features include:
✔   Follow along videos
✔   Calendar planner

25 Days of Abs

Carve out some time or pair it with another workout

Less than 10 minutes

Follow the video workouts with Macy!


25 Days of Abs Features

“I’m writing to tell you I just finished Booty After Baby like 5 minutes ago!! I rushed to finish it by the end of the year and I’m so sad it’s over! Well…I would be sad if I wasn’t looking forward to Full Body Power! Anyways, it’s been a joy to workout with you and continue my journey as a healthy, strong mama. You’re a gift.”

“Everyone needs to know to not sleep on your workouts that require no equipment. I spent the past two weeks traveling and where I was truly had no equipment but…I did your bodyweight only leg workout and I am telling you I was so sore the next day and it felt like such an effective workout with no equipment and only being 25 minutes long! I cannot believe how great that workout felt considering all the weeks prior I’ve been doing Full Body Power workouts!”


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