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Combine weights, HIIT, abs, and different formats to create a program to help you feel stronger and more confident in your back and arms.

Combination workouts

Build. confidence and power while feeling strong inside and out!

Build Confidence

Feel strong and confident while helping to support your posture!

Man, I Feel like a woman

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“I purchased Booty After Baby last week and…I am in disbelief! I just finished #4 and my butt has been sore after every. Single. One. omg. I used to be an avid gym goer but since having my little dude it is TOUGH to get in a routine, and I didn’t workout during pregnancy. GIRL I was out of shape, but you are single handedly shaping my butt back to where it was. I now plan my weeks around my “me” time doing BAB because I was so lost in this mom life. It feels great to have found myself again through your program. Can’t thank you enough Macy!”

“History of eating disorders and body image issues over here and LOVE the vibe of your workouts because they don’t feed those demons at all. So I appreciate you so much mama!!”


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