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 More With Fittest Core is a subscription that provides workouts for every woman, in every stage of her life.

Features include:
✔  All of Macy’s workout programs (both old and new)  
✔   Hundreds of follow-along workout videos
✔   A monthly challenge and Weekly Workout Schedule
✔ Communication with Macy
✔ An exclusively-priced nutrition guide 

more with Fittest Core Membership

Nutrition guides available!

exclusively-priced nutrition guide 

Send Macy any questions or wins!

Communication with Macy

Every Sunday, receive an email with your entire workout schedule

Weekly Workout Schedule

Have a monthly goal you are working on with the whole community!

A monthly challenge

Get the library of hundreds of follow along workouts ranging from core, cardio, stretching etc. to use in a browser or in the app

 Hundreds of follow-along
workout videos

Get Access to all old and new programs including Booty After Baby, Fittest Runner and more!

All of Macy’s workout programs

Here's What You Get!

“I just wanted to share my one month progress photo. I’ve been a subscriber for a while but I just now started regularly going to the gym and using your app for every workout. When I started my goal wasn’t to lose weight. I just wanted to feel strong and healthy again. When I went to my November checkup the doctor told me my blood pressure was still high (I had preeclampsia while pregnant) and that I might have to go back on medicine. Ever since I’ve been working out my blood pressure has been normal! Thank you for making me actually like working out and wanting to keep up with it. The best personal trainer! I feel so strong and healthy thanks to you.”

“For anyone with questions about subscription options who want the opinion of a subscriber: Don’t question it or risk dropping it- just go all in for the annual! You save money and the subscription is faithfully there gently, yet enthusiastically, encouraging you to come back when you’ve been in a spotty workout season. I feel like all the things were happening from August through December to break my routine, but I missed moving my body and knew I could log on anywhere, anytime and do SOMETHING that fit into my schedule (even if I only had 10 minutes) and would make me feel healthy, strong, beautiful, and prepared for the next crazy life stuff on my plate. And now I’m back at it with my workouts planned out into March as I go through FBP and Christmas Abs (because they’re not just for Christmas!). And I love knowing that I have access to things like the Fittest Bump for the future!”


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