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Fittest Runner is a PDF workout program that includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Each level is a 12-week program with running workouts that allow you to build endurance, train for a race, and/or “become” a runner. This program is ideal for the aspiring runner, the runner who needs some new workout ideas, or the runner who wants to be a racer.

Features include:
✔   12 week program
✔  3-4 workouts per week: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced workouts
✔   Pdf document to save to your phone

Fittest runner

Save the guide to your phone!

PDF Guide to download

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels!


Follow the plan easily with this schedule of 3-4 workouts a week

3-4 Workouts a week

12 Week PDF to guide you at your level

12 week program

fittest runner features

“I just finished Booty After Baby and I have to tell you I’m loving the program! I was so into training before having my baby and I really missed it. My baby is 7 months and working a full time job it’s so hard to find time for going to the gym. Your program has allowed me to workout 4-5 times per week, work, and take care of my baby. I am sooo grateful for all the consideration you have with timing of each session! And I have to say the way you have designed it makes anyone get a good burn! Also doing Back & Biceps with Abs–both amazing programs!”

“GIRL! You have been on fire! I love Booty After Baby going through a second round with heavier weights! Loving Back & Biceps with Abs, and now POWER!!! Holy cow that might be my fav ever (I might have teared up after the second one in a good way.) I really hope you are proud of what you have been able to accomplish and product that you are putting out there. Excited for what you do next!”


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