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With the perfect combination of strength-focused exercises + bodyweight and agility moves, Full Body Power builds endurance, strength, and stamina. 

Combination workouts

Build. confidence and power while feeling strong inside and out!

Build Confidence

The ultimate “Man! I feel like a WOMAN!” follow-along workout program. Full Body Power was written with the goal of having anyone who finishes it to feel stronger

Man, I Feel like a woman

Full body power Features

“Thanks to YOU! Seriously, though! I’ve never found a workout routine that I liked and stuck to for long. But working out with you (not just through the videos but chatting on here) has been so life-giving. My kids are 22 months apart and came home 3 weeks apart (foster child first). We’ve had no physical help to speak of an dlittle mental/emotional support, so this postpartum/new momma life has been super isolating. You’ve become such a special part of this season of life for me!”

“Thank you for all of your workouts. I started following you while I was pregnant because you were posting so many pregnancy safe workouts. I had my baby in April and was so excited to be cleared to exercise and get my body moving again. I went right back to the gym and doing home workouts and I felt horrible. I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t realize how much my body went through and I felt I was hurting it more. I honestly felt so horrible and angry when my boyfriend would come home from the gym. Nothing changed for him and my whole world and body was completely new to me. I subscribed to Fittest Core and I vowed to complete Booty After Baby. I told my boyfriend I didn’t need him to do all the things he was doing to help me, I just needed him to give me 45 minutes to myself every afternoon. So now every afternoon I get to spend 45 minutes on the back porch working out with you. It has helped me mentally and physically more than I can explain.”


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