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I believe that women can become confident and healthy at the CORE of who they are to become their fittest self from the inside out. 

I strive to motivate other              to be their fittest self.  


I have been a certified personal trainer since 2014. My passions for people and building relationships + fitness led me to creating my dream career in the fitness industry. I have trained one-on-one with over 50 personal clients, taught hundreds of group fitness classes, and now run my app, Fittest Core, which provides pregnancy-safe, postpartum, & advanced workout programs and hundreds of workout videos. Fittest Core is the workout app for every woman, in every stage of life. As much as she loves her personal training career, her most favorite job is raising her son, Eli. He’s her motivation to stay healthy, and she strives to motivate other moms to be their fittest selves (inside and out!) as well. That’s her goal–help as many women as she can be their healthiest from the inside out. Hence the name, Fittest Core.

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