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Here's a glimpse of what our 1:1 coaching has in store for you:

Tailored Workout Schedule: A meticulously curated workout plan designed specifically for you, aligning with your goals and accommodating your week-to-week schedule.

Weekly Face-to-Face Coaching Calls: Weekly video calls with your dedicated coach to discuss your progress, victories, questions, and upcoming goals. These calls are designed to boost your confidence and foster a deeper connection between you and your coach.

Convenient Chat Feature: Stay seamlessly connected with your coach through our chat feature. Whether it's text, voice messages, videos, or images, this tool ensures quick responses and keeps your coach in the loop.

Complimentary Access to More With Fittest Core: Enjoy complimentary access to the More With Fittest Core subscription, granting you full access to Macy's diverse range of workouts and programs through her app ($250+ value).

Exclusive Macy's 1:1 App: Your central hub for everything you need – from weekly workout plans and check-in forms to scheduling calls, using the chat feature, uploading progress photos, and more.

Personal Accountability: Experience the core strength of Fittest Core 1:1 Coaching – a genuine, supportive relationship with your coach. We aim to be your virtual coaching bestie, fostering trust and helping you surpass your fitness goals.

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Meet the Coaches

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Macy Pruett

Hi guys! I'm Macy Pruett, and I'm the head trainer at Fittest Core! I create all of the workouts for women and work directly with all of the coaches and manage the programming for Fittest Core.

Since becoming a mom, my goal is to impact as many mothers’ lives as I  can by teaching them to love their bodies through realistic movement. Having a more personal impact on women has always been a goal of mine, which is why I created 1:1 Coaching. My favorite part of training is the relationships I get to build with women, so it's super important to me to create a community where relationships and trust can be built!

I became a personal trainer over a decade ago and my qualifications are:

- Certified Personal Trainer with AFAA
- Pre-and Postnatal Trainer with AFPA

Libby Elder

Hi mama, I'm Libby! I help women feel empowered to lift weights, get stronger, and FEEL stronger. Like many, my journey into motherhood began in May of 2020 (Hellllllo, quarantine baby mamas!). A full-time group fitness instructor and personal trainer, with a Bachelors in Kinesiology, PLUS a personal training and nutrition certification... and I suddenly had NO idea what I could and couldn't do in regards to pregnancy and fitness. How did my years of education and fitness not prepare me for this?!

Flash forward to now, the journey has continued to grow. I am now a SAHM to TWO toddlers, work online exclusively with women of varying seasons of motherhood, and have a speciality in strength and hypertrophy training. I believe every woman deserves to know, understand, and feel confident in her body and its abilities.

Here are my *official* qualifications:

- B.S. in Kinesiology from the Univ. of Tennessee
- Certified Personal Trainer with NASM
- Pre- and Postnatal Fitness trainer with MamasteFit, llc
- Long term Periodization Programming with Annie Miller Concepts

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