How MWFC Membership Works

The MWFC coaches are here to challenge you, empower you, teach you, and make you feel seen as a mother. Whether you’re pregnant, early postpartum, or an experienced mom…
MWFC is the community for you. 

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Getting Started

Now that you’ve decided to be a part of the More With Fittest Core membership, choose where to start based off of where you’re currently at in your motherhood journey. You can choose from Prenatal, Early Postpartum (0-6 months), Postpartum (6-12 months), and beyond.

You can find programs to follow at the top of the app, or scroll down to choose workouts organized in chronological order. If you’re looking for general motherhood workouts (neither prenatal or postpartum), you can follow the weekly workout schedule curated by Macy. Or, you can build your own monthly calendar.


Build Community and Recieve Support

As a member, you receive exclusive access to the MWFC Community feature. This Community is a safe space of moms going through every stage, from first-time moms to well-seasoned moms. Here, you can ask questions (fitness related or mom related!), introduce yourself, share progress photos, seek advice, and meet like-minded mamas.

We have moms from all over the world who are a part of this Community. Each of these moms choose Fittest Core for a different reason, but we’re all united through the commonality of wanting to feel our best selves in whatever stage of motherhood we’re in. We love our MWFC Community, and encourage all mamas to engage there to experience the empowerment, support, and raw motherhood.

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Work with a Fittest Core Coach

Work 1:1 with one of the Fittest Core coaches, physical therapists, or nutritionist for a super curated fitness and wellness routine. All of our coaches and therapists are not only certified, but are moms themselves. We want to help you hit all of your goals—not only in fitness, but in life, as well.

Spots are limited! Join our waitlist for a free consultation call.